people I’ve helped

  • "I came to Jonina after many months of terrible back pain, and my sessions with her were nothing short of amazing. She gave me challenging and effective exercises to do between our sessions, and also detailed information about how to accomplish everyday tasks and chores without doing harm to my body. Because of my PT sessions and yoga classes with Jonina, I am finally pain free, and I also know more about how to protect myself from future injury."

    — CW

  • "Doing physical therapy with Jonina helped me come back from an injury much more quickly and surely than I could have otherwise. I broke my ankle, and four months later ran a five-mile race! The combination of manual therapy, home exercises, and learning about body mechanics was terrific."

    — M.C.

  • "Jonina has been my “guru” when it comes to learning how to align and balance my body correctly. I’ve been her yoga student since her “debut” as a teacher at Evolution, and she also "fixed my shoulder" with her special Physical Therapy approach. She cares deeply about her students and patients, and it is wonderful to be able to count on her. What else can I say? It’s like “two for one!"

    — E.D.

  • "As a client, I've benefited from Jonina's communication skills, attention to detail and physical manipulation while both diagnosing and treating my injuries and aliments."

    — A.H.

  • "Jonina has a thorough understanding of the human body and how it is supposed to work. She is able to communicate that clearly and in a way I can relate to. She has helped me through a few physical hiccups with my knee and neck, and also to strengthen my yoga practice."

    — K.B.

  • "I came to Jonina for help after beating up my body by completing six triathlons in three months. I was convinced I needed knee surgery and had even gone through the process of speaking to an orthopedic surgeon. With a few simple exercises and my first ever introduction to the foam roller I was back to my healthy self within two weeks. No surgery, no scars, and ever since - no knee problems."

    — M.M.

  • "Before Jonina began working with me I felt OK. I thought I was a little uncomfortable in certain parts of my body. After a few sessions with Jonina I began to realize how bad I had actually felt because I began to see and feel unbelievably incredible. It's sort of like your first pair of glasses; until you can see, you don't realize how much you're missing!"

    — L.S.

  • "Jonina was extremely knowledgable about my unique needs as a new mom of twins. She understood the challenges of carrying 13 lbs of baby and the toll it took on my back and tailbone in particular. Her combination of medical knowledge and yoga techniques made for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan."

    — T.T.

  • "Jonina weaves the spiritual into the physical healing process through an amazing personal connection while combining physical therapy and yoga."

    — L.W.

  • "Jonina makes learning yoga fun and makes beginners feel at ease."

    — F.D.

  • "Jonina is helping me fix alignment problems causing pain which no doctor, physical therapist or personal trainer has been able to help me with before!"

    — E.S.

  • "Jonina changed my world! In 30 minutes she diagnosed issues with my back and my posture which had haunted me for decades"

    — S.W.


Integrative Medicine:

I believe the integration of traditional medicine with yoga and other holistic therapies is forthcoming in America and beyond. Modern science finds common ground in our ancestral wisdom time and again, and I am honored to be a part of this vital shift in healthcare. In my own work, I have been humbled by the results I have seen from relatively simple, practical, and natural techniques.

Individualized Treatments:

I spent the first few years of my PT career in the traditional clinic setting seeing 2 or 3 patients at a time over the same hour. I came to realize that the insight I have gained from my yoga training is best conveyed when I can give each client my full and undivided attention. My clients benefit from this increased focus on their personal health needs, and we often surpass the results of multiple weeks of conventional care in a few sessions.

The Power of Alignment:

The body produces pain as a signal that something is €œout of alignment from its natural, efficient state. Accordingly, I focus my treatments on the underlying issues causing my clients pain, using a combination of manual therapy, posture training, and movement re-education. Instead of pacifying the symptoms of dysfunction, I restore the structural integrity required so the body can heal itself.



  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware
  • Certified Functional Manual Therapist through the Institute of Physical Art
  • Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Temple University
  • 200-hour teaching certificate in Hatha yoga from the Himalayan Institute
  • Art of Attention Teacher Training with Elena Brower.